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Hi! I'm Sarah. So happy to have you here!


However you stumbled across this page I want to thank you for visiting and thank you for being curious enough to check it out. I am a wholehearted believer in the holistic approach. I've always been amazed at the intricate processes within the human body but until I learned about the Holistic Approach I was unaware of how much our food, environments and outlook affect our health.


Our daily environments and the emotions we experience can equally have affects on our health and create a space for health issues to develop. So, it's very important to not only focus on the inside but what is going on outside the body as well.


My focus is positive, clean living and overall wellness; not just of the physical body... but of the Mind and Spirit on an Individual level. Nurturing these areas work together to help your body return to a balanced state. 









I want to help you nurture your body, mind and spirit back to this place, and the best way to do this is on an individual level.


I've always had a interest in alternative methods. Growing up I did not have health insurance and my mother frequently used home remedies for common ailments and always stressed the importance of vitamins. All of her home remedies and natural methods sparked an interest that later in my life became a career in Holistic Nutrition.


So, before I pursued Holistic Nutrition, I was studying Theology/Divinity way back in 2004 which definitely was not my passion at the time but it did foster my critical thinking in all aspects of life. Little did I know how much that critical thinking would come into play once I pursued Holistic Nutrition.


During college I was fortunate enough to hold several rewarding management positions in retail as well as work as a professional makeup artist with a focus on cruelty free products and skincare.


These professions taught me so much about customer service, setting goals, working with others, maintaining structure, keeping things organized etc... However, the most important things I learned were how to LISTEN to the customer or client and SEE their unique needs. Tools I would use again else that I would use later down the road.

In 2010, I finished my Theology degree and relocated to South Carolina where I now live with my husband,  stepdaughter and our dog Emma. Soon after receiving my Theology degree, I began studying Holistic Nutrition .


Over the years I watched loved ones go in and out of the mainstream healthcare system. I sat by frustrated as recommendations and therapies were implemented and many methods tried but mainstream methods were not enough. Not because there was something wrong with the medicine, or the methods... but because every individual reacts different and has a unique set of needs. Individual needs seemed to be completely left out.


I observed Doctors, nurses, technicians... I saw beautiful facilities with state of the art treatments. At times I saw compassion and the desire to help but in mainstream healthcare there is very little time or resources for Individualized care. Methods and medications are used across the board and it helps some people but not everyone. It seemed when it was time to recover there was not a lot of support. There was however, an endless stream of medications to treat the symptoms. There was no individuality factor when it came to my loved ones care.

During this time I was in the middle of studying to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I saw the difference between discovering the root causes of symptoms and simply treating and attempting to cover up symptoms; the latter seemed to be the most common. I realized the current model of healthcare was in dire need of a shift. People needed to be listened to and SEEN.


My own personal experience with mainstream healthcare was not much different. Had I not intervened, it would have ended with the same methods used for so many. Drugs to treat symptoms or surgery to attempt to remove the problem. I had some work to do. I was not willing to remove an organ that was not diseased, nor  be on a pain medication for the rest of my life.


A problem that was resolved by diet change and lifestyle modification had for years (10 to be exact) been presented to me by mainstream healthcare as all in my head, or lack of fiber, anxiety, or my personal's just really bad cramps. What was my actual diagnosis that had taken 10 years and 6 doctors? Ovarian Cysts. Why wasn't I given any other options? 

It took a few months and it wasn't just about the food I was eating. My mind, body and spirit were not aligned and that left a space for imbalance an area not typically explored in mainstream health care. When I went back to the doctor and received my results that the cysts were no longer present I was overjoyed. My hard work had payed off. But the doctor didnt believe that was the reason behind my result. How frustrating. All that experience did though was cement the fact that healthcare needs help and it became my mission to help however I could with the knowledge I was gaining.

I am not so far removed from these issues that I don't remember how helpless you can feel when facing your own health issues, or those of a loved one. I want people to know holistic is a mindset and it is based on your indivdiual needs. and your body as a whole. The roots of an imbalance in the body can be found and the journey to find what optimum health means for you as an individual can begin.


Since we are all biologically different, sometimes it is not a matter of what the method, treatment, or recommendation is, is about who is on receiving end.


What was happening to the body when an imbalance took shape?  Was it a lifestyle change? A death in the family? Years of resentment or withholding emotions? 


It could have been in childhood, adulthood, even in utero. Each body handles imbalances differently and it is for a myriad of reasons. Because of this, I am striving to bring light to the importance of recognizing biological differences in each person's body.

Does one size really fit all? Of course not. Everyone is different and deserves to be seen as unique with specific needs. My mission is to provide holistic support and resources to those seeking a different approach.

                                           Remember there is only one you and you deserve to be SEEN!





Taking the confusion out of nutrition and creating a

health journey that unifies the mind, body, and spirit.

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