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*Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or treat diseases and disorders.  I do not claim that any of my recommendations will cure or heal any ailment. I do not prescribe any medicine. The information and materials I share are not intended to be a medical diagnosis or treatment. My job is to equip individuals with the tools they need to have a healthier lifestyle and provide recommendations from a holistic perspective.

Working with Sarah...

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Holistic Nutrition Services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

/// Crystal McCoy April 2016

Sarah has been a part of House of Hearts, Inc. for more than two years; while she has joined the organization as a Holistic Nutritionist she wears many hats such as Volunteer Coordinator and Director of Programs. Sarah displays passion and dedication in every aspect of her work; she is very dependable and takes pride in giving her very best. It has been such a pleasure and honor to have Sarah be part of House of Hearts, Inc.


Taking steps with being focused on my meal plan for the week. Thanks to Sarah, my nutritional steward for keeping me encouraged !Thank you Sarah for helping me with a good nutrition plan just for me. #youareAwesome!

/// Ann Sheperd November 2017

Sarah is an encouragement to me to do change nutritionally and in my mindset toward food. She is broadening my knowledge between chronic pain and dietary choices. I recommend Sarah to others who want or need to do change in a variety of areas in their life. she is a calming ointment when pain is on the rise and a true and confidential professional.


/// Jennie Brogden December 2018

Sarah really worked hard to help me figure out what was causing a rash on my face. Not only did she help me pin point the problem and help me with a solution along the way I realized I had a digestive issue and with her help and the right treatment and nutrition now going into my body I'm on the road to recovery!! Sarah you are outstanding, knowledgeable and very helpful! Anyone with questions if she don't have the answer she will sure research and dig until she finds it!

/// Angela Steward May 2017

Sarah hello! Thank you so much for being so helpful. The Anti- inflammatory group you created , was a great group under your precious guidance . I admired everything you did and I believe all the members enjoyed it. I learned many new and important things as you are so knowledgeable . I feel better and healthier although I was able to stop only the dairy products and a little bit of sugar but I will try to do much more now following your October group. Thank you again for everything . You are working hard for all of us . You are a very special person .



/// Maro Kolokotroni June 2017

Sarah is so helpful and knowledgeable. I first joined her Facebook challenge for the anti-inflammatory protocol and I learned a ton about proper nutrition and how to taylor general guidelines to my specific health situation (cancer survivor dealing with IBS and possibly SIBO). But Sara’s help goes well beyond nutrition. Most recently she has been helping me ween myself off of a pain killer and finding alternative ways to cope with peripheral neuropathy due to past chemo treatment. Sarah suggested Epsom salt soaks with a cocktail of powerful essential oils as well as exploring some other options. So far so good. I’m not foreseeing going back to that questionable drug with its side effects. Thank you Sarah! 



/// Joanna Stimmel February 2018

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