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*Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose or treat diseases and disorders.  I do not claim that any of my recommendations will cure or heal any ailment. I do not prescribe any medicine. The information and materials I share are not intended to be a medical diagnosis or treatment. My job is to equip individuals with the tools they need to have a healthier lifestyle and provide recommendations from a holistic perspective.

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Let's make a plan!

The Nutrition Steward offers convenient remote consultations
via Phone Conference, Apple Facetime, Skype, as well as in-person consultations at various select health bars and establishments in Charlotte, North Carolina
and surrounding areas.
Holistic Health Mapping is method by which we begin the journey to better health. It consists of formulating a plan or "map" of where you are when you embark on your health journey, what your goals are, and what you can look forward to while you take the first step to better health.
Below are some details about your options:

In a Free 15 Minute Strategy Session you can voice your concerns, you will hear about my process and we can determine if we are a good fit and how to proceed.

If we both agree and determine we are a good fit a Holistic Health Mapping Plan will be scheduled. This is a 60-90 minute Initial Case Review where we will review your intake forms, family history, and compile your unique case study. We will verbally address your concerns, individual situation, health goals and offer recommendations based on what we discussed. Any additional information received over time will be added to your intake forms.


*Unless there is a time frame of a year or more between sessions or in the event that there has been a major life change this process will only occur once.


You will receive a shopping list and meal plan tailored specifically for your needs.

4-6 weeks after initiating your plan, we will schedule a 30 minute follow up appointment to address your progress, concerns and discuss your results. (Included)


A Follow Up Session is for those who are continuing the process and  occurrence varies depending on what plan is chosen.

*Financial situations should never be a reason that you cannot reason the care you need and deserve, based on your income we can formulate a plan that works so you still have the same chance for a healthy life that everyone else does.

Other Services

Cupboard Clean Out

-Starting At $20.00 | 2-4 Cupboards

-Starting at $30.00 | 4x8 Walk-In Pantry


Have you ever wondered about what may be lurking in your cabinets, fridge or pantry that could be unhealthy and you don't even know? Does it say "All Natural" chances are it isn't. Maybe it says "sugar free" but really has deadly artifical sweeteners!


Send me pictures of your (fill in the blank) and I will send you a detailed itemized list of what could be potentially unhealthy or may have ingredients in it that is keeping you from achieving your goals. (i.e. either cabinets 2-4 full size cabinets, refrigerator - fridge and freezer 1 pantry.)


*Some factors may affect pricing including organization of products

and size of actual space.

 Additional Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping List


2 Week Meal Plan w/ Shopping List - $30.00

Holistic Soup Jars

Chicken Aragorn Soup -

x3 - 16oz. Sealed Mason Jars - $17.99

Roasted Creamy Veggie Soup

x3 - 16oz. Sealed Mason Jars - $18.99

White Chicken Garbanzo Soup

x3 - 16oz. Sealed Mason Jars - $15.99

5 Bean Veggie Chili

x3 - 16oz. Sealed Mason Jars - $15.99

Red Potato Soup

x3 - 16oz. Sealed Mason Jars - $15.99

Interested in something that isn't listed?

Contact me and we will work together to determine your needs.


There is no one size fits all plan for everyone.


The health journey is an important one and you should be in control and in charge of your goals and your approach.


Other Holistic Nutrition Services

Nutritional Grocery Runs
Nonprofit Organizations
Meal Planning
Group Discussions
Cooking Demonstrations

Taking the confusion out of nutrition and creating a

health journey that unifies the mind, body, and spirit.